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Transportation for Seniors in Fuquay Varina

Transportation and mobility can become more difficult as we age. At Fuquay Transportation, we offer transportation services designed specifically to make transportation easier for seniors and adults with disabilities. Our drivers provide professional and personable service from the moment they arrive until the trip is completed. Though our drivers are not nurses, they can stay nearby during your outings upon request.

We know that trips to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, or even the airport can be stressful and complicated. Our drivers make those trips stress-free and enjoyable. They can help with any heavy-lifting, operate technology as needed, and stay at events. When family and friends aren’t available to provide a ride, let our drivers handle it for you.

Our most common senior transportation services include:

● Grocery store trips. Our drivers will load the groceries into the car and bringing them to the house. Leave the heavy-lifting to us.

● Doctor visits. Navigating a doctor’s office can be tricky, especially if you have mobility issues. Our drivers will bring you right to the door, and will be right there when you’re done. They can also stop at a pharmacy to pick up any prescriptions after the visit.

● Airport companion. Airports can be a stressful location for many people of all ages – but especially seniors. Whether you are worried about getting confused trying to find your way through the terminal or about getting overwhelmed by the crowds, our drivers can see you through your RDU airport trip. They can lift your luggage for you, and help point you in the right direction. We take the stress out of airport visits.

● Social outings. Our drivers are happy to bring you to your social outings. Whether you’re getting dropped off to have lunch with friends or going to your grandson’s soccer game, our drivers will bring you where you need to go and assist you as needed.

● Running errands. Planning multiple stops is no problem for us. If you need to go to a few different stores to get everything that you need, that’s completely fine. Just schedule the stops and let our drivers know how much assistance or company you would like along the way.

As with all of our services, all drivers must pass a background check and have a clean driving record. Whether you’re scheduling the ride for yourself or for someone else, you can see who the driver will be and can track their route on our app. When you book your rides with Fuquay Transportation, you ensure safe and professional service.