recurring rides in Fuquay Varina

Car Service for Regular, Recurring Drives

Recurring Drives

Schedules are a necessary part of life. At Fuquay Transportation, we make your scheduling a little easier. Take the guesswork out of planning your recurring drives by booking a reservation with us. Our drivers are available every day to bring you or your loved ones where they need to go. We offer safe, reliable transportation services for Fuquay Varina and all of Wake County. 

Whether you just need a quick trip to the nearest grocery store or your destination is several miles away, you can reserve our services for your recurring drives. If you have a standing appointment each week, make your planning easier by securing your ride in advance. 

Common recurring rides:

  • Getting to and from work
  • Grocery shopping
  • Weekly doctor visits
  • Weekly social outings

Scheduled transportation is perfect for elderly family members who can no longer drive on their own. By scheduling rides in advance, seniors can safely run errands and socialize without needing to figure out a ride. With Fuquay Transportation, you will know more about your driver and the safety of the ride than you would with ridesharing companies like Uber or Lyft. Once your ride is scheduled, you can look at your driver’s profile to find out more about them. You can also track the driver’s progress with our app so you can feel secure about their location from the beginning of the trip all the way to the destination. 

Our Drivers

Our drivers are committed to helping their passengers have a safe, comfortable, and reliable ride. They never rush their customers in or out of the car, and they are willing to go above and beyond to make the ride enjoyable. Drivers will also assist passengers as needed by opening doors, helping to get groceries into the car, and even staying to wait with the passenger if requested. If you know that the driver will need to spend some extra time helping their passenger, just mention it during the booking process. 

  • Click here to book a recurring ride online
  • Call this number to book a recurring ride over the phone: 919-421-1000
  • Download our app here: 

As a locally owned and family-operated company, we want to make it easy for our customers to schedule their rides. We are focused on providing the highest level of customer service and offering a variety of ways to schedule and pay for recurring rides. You can download our app and access your ride information from your smartphone from any location. 

If you don’t want to use the app, you can book a ride online or by phone. Though we are available for as-needed rides, we recommend booking the ride in advance if possible. This will ensure that our drivers are available exactly when you need them. For recurring rides, booking in advance will give you the security that you need to solidify your events and plan your day with ease. 

Payment can be made online or in the app via credit or debit card. If you prefer, you can also pay the driver directly in cash. Life is already complicated. Fuquay Transportation looks for ways to make your life a little more simple.