How are we different from other taxi, rideshare, or cab service?

Customer Service

  • Drivers will assist passengers as needed. This includes greeting at the door, opening the door, and even staying with a passenger if requested.
  • Passengers can rate drivers on our app.
  • Don’t have the app?  No worries.  We can be reached via phone, text, Facebook, or email with any feedback.
  • We have a vested interest so we will make sure a driver is there.
  • We will never accept and then cancel a ride because another bigger paying ride comes along.
  • This town is our home and want to be of service to the community. If something comes up, we always have a backup driver available.


  • We are reachable! Call, text, message on Facebook, app, website, or email.  Someone will always either answer or get back to you!
  • We call to confirm pre-arranged rides.
  • Our app sends text and/or email confirmations and receipts.
  • We will communicate when challenges arise with getting to a passenger’s pick up on time or when we are over booked.


  • Background checks on all drivers are required.
  • Drivers must have a clean record with at least five years driving experience.
  • Drivers are personally interviewed to ensure they are someone we would trust with our own children.
  • Drivers are trained in the field.
  • Vehicles are inspected and maintained regularly.
  • We are registered and properly insured according to state regulations.
  • We have business liability insurance that also covers the transportation of minors.

Pricing and Rates

  • Local rides (2.5 miles and under) cost less than UBER and LYFT.  No choice here.
  • Longer rides are quoted at the time of booking. There are no surprises, or surge times.  And we are local!
  • Multiple ways to pay – cash, credit, debit.  You can store a card on the app or pay the driver with a card externally at the end of the ride.
  • Stuck in traffic?  Fares are based on miles and not time, which customers prefer over the traditional taxi experience.
  • Standard 10% discount always applies for seniors, veterans, active military, and first responders (does not apply to Fuquay Kids).
  • Other discounts are also offered such as first time riders, frequent riders, and special promotions.

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