Courier Service

When life throws you a curveball, we’ve got your back. Our professional couriers can deliver packages all across town. Whether you need groceries to be picked up curbside and delivered to your house or you need to send a parcel, we can help. You can schedule the pickup and delivery of your packages in advance or immediately. 


Some common courier services include:

  • Bringing things to your child at school 
  • Delivering items from your office to another office
  • Picking up groceries
  • Delivering sensitive documents for you
  • Picking up and delivering medications


Fuquay Transportation customers trust us to complete tasks that are vital to making their day run smoothly. A recent customer utilized our courier service when their child’s shoes broke during the school day. The parent did not have time to break away and bring new shoes to the school, so they contacted us. Our courier arrived at the house quickly and retrieved a spare pair of shoes to deliver to the school. The child made it through the rest of the school day with their shoes intact, and the parent continued their day without worry.  


Reasons to trust Fuquay Transportation for your courier needs:

  • Pre-arranged and last-minute reservations are both accepted.
  • Your parcel or documents will be kept safe during transport.
  • Delivering packages with our courier services is faster than with USPS.
  • All of our prices are set and made public, so we will never surprise you with high rates or “surge” charges. 
  • We are registered and properly insured according to all state regulations. 
  • You can reserve our courier service over the phone, from our website, or through our app. Contact us using whatever method is easiest for you!


Download our app today so you will always have our services available at your fingertips. With real-time tracking, you will know the location of your parcel throughout the delivery process. You can know the time to anticipate your driver’s arrival, the driver’s location during the drive, and the exact delivery time. From start to finish, you can keep an eye on your package’s progress. 


Our fleet of vehicles is equipped to deliver packages of various sizes and weights. We take the guesswork out of size pricing. Our pricing is straightforward and publicly available, so you will never have to worry about an up-charge for bulky or oddly shaped packages.


Our couriers are all extremely familiar with the streets and navigation routes. This ensures prompt delivery regardless of destination. Same-day delivery is regularly available, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your courier service needs!